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Our Services... Our comprehensive eye examination will be free of charge to those with NHS entitlement.
We pride ourselves on our service, so please tell us if you have particular requirements and we will do all we can to oblige!

Home Visits

Transport difficulties

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Contact Lenses

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Home Visits
If you are unable to come to us, we will come to you!  We can carry out a full eye examination in your home.  A domiciliary visit (sight test in your home) is usually paid for by the NHS if you are unable to leave your home unaccompanied.  Do contact us to check your entitlement. (Back to top)

Transport difficulties
If you find it difficult to collect your spectacles or need a repair we will deliver the spectacles and fit them in your home.
If it is difficult for you to visit the practice during normal business hours we can arrange early or later appointments. (Back to top)

Help with frame selection:

Choosing your spectacles can be a very difficult decision.  We will do all we can to help you feel comfortable with your choice.

The frames need to fit correctly and comfortably.
They must look and feel great.

We will be frank and honest however, if you would like a friend or family member to give their opinion, you are more than welcome to take some frames home. We have access to thousands of frames so, if we haven’t got quite the style in stock, we can get it for you! (Back to top)

Latimer Opticians Ltd is an independent Optician.  We are not tied to one particular supplier, neither are we controlled by a far away head office.
This enables us to offer the best possible pricing.
We won’t advertise expensive gimmicks or special offers, just honest pricing. 
It is important that you are happy with your purchase, if there is a budget, we can help.  We pride ourselves on our flexibility and by judicious selection of lenses can match any price comparison.

If you would like to have the best possible product, but wish to spread the cost of your spectacles, we are able to help. (Back to top)

You are never under any obligation to have new frames.  If the one you have is the one you love, then simply have new lenses fitted into that frame.
We welcome prescriptions brought in from other opticians.
You may be without your spectacles for a day or two, although very often we can arrange for the lenses to be cut to the shape of your frames without the need for them to be sent away. (Back to top)

Contact Lenses
We offer a comprehensive contact lens service, as with spectacles we can find the product to match your requirements. (Back to top)

Family Eyecare:
It is important to have your children’s eyes examined on a regular basis.  Sight tests are always free for those under 16 (under 19 if in full time education).
Dyslexia is a common concern for many parents.  We can assess and treat Visual Learning Difficulties including (but not limited to) dyslexia.
It is never too early to start, so we provide care for pre-school age children.
Mark is a both qualified, registered Dispensing Opticians and will provide the best frame and lens selection advice. (Back to top)

Special Requirements
If you have particular frame fitting requirements, we can help.

  • Please advise us if you use a hearing aid.  We can ensure your spectacles fit correctly and comfortably.
  • Facial asymmetry
  • Fitting spectacles to be worn with prosthetics
  • If you wear a wig or hairpiece and are unsure about selecting a good fitting frame, we will ensure privacy and discretion
  • Handmade frames (Back to top)

We can provide a full range of specialist spectacles for sport and leisure use. (Back to top)

Low Vision Aids
We can provide a low vision assessment and ensure that we provide the best advice and product. (Back to top)

Customer Service
If you have a complicated prescription; special lens requirements or are unhappy with the care you have received (either at Latimer Opticians Ltd or elsewhere) then please contact us. (Back to top)

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